Grizzlies point guard Derrick Rose and forward Ziaire Williams...

The Memphis Grizzlies may be out of postseason contention, but they are still confident that more of their injured players will return. Two of those players are unlikely to be included in that procedure.

Derrick Rose, the Grizzlies' point guard, and forward Ziaire Williams are unlikely to return this season, according to coach Taylor Jenkins. Rose is recovering from a right groin injury in his lower back.

Ja Morant is the sole Grizzlies player who has been officially ruled out for the season. Jenkins stated that Williams and Rose are "for sure" two of the current injured players that should join them.

"They're doing well," Jenkins remarked about Rose and Williams. "They will most likely not return by the end of the season. We're simply taking it day by day.

The Grizzlies stated on March 5 that Rose and Williams would be re-evaluated in three and four weeks, respectively.

Rose has appeared in 24 games this season, starting seven of them, while suffering from a variety of injuries. He agreed to be more vocal for a Grizzlies team looking for veterans. Rose has an average of eight points and 3.3 assists in 16.6 minutes per game.

This stretch of the season was seen as critical for Williams, but he would miss an important developmental opportunity due to a heavy fall his final time on the court on March 2. Williams has averaged 8.2 points in 51 games this season.

We're just making sure they're safe while they're navigating. These guys have been totally invested and are continuing working to the best of their abilities.

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