Gwen Stefani discusses her musical resolution for the coming year and her focus on self-health in 2024.

People all throughout the world have paused to recall 2023 and shared the resolutions they want to stick to in the new year as 2024 finally approaches.  

Gwen Stefani appears to be joining in on the fun as well, as she just revealed her priorities for 2024. 

She talked about her resolutions, particularly those related to her physical and emotional health, while she was still married to Blake Shelton and showing their love to fans.

Stefani broke down her New Year’s resolutions into three categories, outlining her priorities.  

Regarding her wellness resolution, she stated, “I believe it would be simply to be more consistent.”  

That is the only item I have. Being an all-or-none kind of person, I’ll probably make an effort to maintain balance. I’m continuously working on it, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get there.

The No Doubt singer’s fans will be overjoyed to hear that 2024 will also mark her return to the recording studio. 

Stefani appeared ecstatic at the prospect of resuming recording in order to create a new album.  

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