Homeowner furious after lawn service sprays yard against their wishes: 'They said someone would call back'

A northeast Massachusetts resident complained on Reddit after True Green mistakenly applied herbicides and synthetic fertilizer without their permission. 

The homeowner wrote on r/NoLawns that the mishap interrupted their four-year run of avoiding herbicides and synthetic fertilizers.  

Even worse, True Green's chemicals, Barrier, Escalade 2, and an unnamed "fertilizer," likely damaged the homeowner's native wildflowers they planted last year in a meadow. 

True Green sent a service note with a name the homeowner didn't recognize, adding to the confusion.  

Poster phoned True Green, "They said someone would call back." 

In an update, the homeowner reported they learned their neighbor had ordered the service, and their similar addresses (123 vs. 125) caused the mistake. 

This disturbing occurrence shows how reckless pesticide and fertilizer use may harm the ecosystem and eco-friendly gardeners. 

This Redditor's wildflowers supply pollinators with habitat and food, boost soil health, and decrease unnecessary lawn irrigation and mowing. 

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