How do optical illusions work? 

They say, "Seeing is believing." True, we tend to believe what our eyes tell us, but when it comes to optical illusions, what our eyes tell us isn't always true.   

Sight is a sophisticated process in which our eyes transmit raw information to our brain for interpretation.   

This visual system uses various shortcuts and alters images before we are even aware of them.    

Optical illusions exploit these shortcuts to trick the brain. There are numerous types of illusions. Here are some amazing illusions and explanations of how they work.   

Gestalt psychologists believe that the brain has a unique ability to organise incoming visual information into a meaningful whole.   

The Kanizsa triangle exemplifies this type of illusion.   

The brain organises the different parts and perceives a white triangle floating in the centre, despite the fact that no triangle exists.   

When we gaze at the environment in front of us, we don't perceive everything at once since it would overwhelm our senses.    

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