How is Randy Travis's health? The country musician's performance on 'Price Is Right' has impressed fans.

Randy Travis surprised his fans with a rare public visit on the set of "The Price Is Right" on February 27.

The country icon appeared to be in high spirits, and he was accompanied by his wife, Mary Davis, who helped him navigate the set in his wheelchair.

Travis was diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy in July 2013 after contracting a viral upper respiratory infection.

While the artist was in the hospital, Dr. Michael Mack described his condition, stating that a viral sickness had become "a more chronic condition."

Mack stated that Travis has a "family history of cardiomyopathy" and was later diagnosed with "idiopathic cardiomyopathy," a disorder marked by scarring on the singer's heart muscle.

According to Mack, this led his heart to deteriorate without the aid of "either medical devices or medication."

During his hospitalization, the singer had a gadget implanted in a ventricle of his heart in an attempt to stabilize the muscle.

Travis experienced a near-fatal stroke three days after being taken to the hospital for cardiac problems. He underwent surgery to alleviate pressure on his head.

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