How Kevin Costner’s ‘Yellowstone’ became TV’s big summer hit

Who would have guessed in June that Hollywood screenwriter Taylor Sheridan's retro Western "Yellowstone  

(also known as "Hell and High Water") would become the biggest hit of the summer?  

Not me. Were we not all meant to be watching "Big Objects" — that is, "Sharp Little Lies"   

or whatever the follow-up to the Reese Witherspoon limited series was called? (All right, all right. "Sharp Objects" was the title.  

They did, after all, have Kevin Costner. That's saying a lot, considering how Hollywood continues to produce silly,   

yet mature frat boys with high-pitched voices and first names like Chris. From his debut in the 1987 movie "  

"No Way Out," to his roles in "Bull Durham" and "Dances With Wolves," Costner has always been a lanky,  

understated attraction. (In 2012, History broke viewership records with "Hatfields & McCoys," his debut TV series.  

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