How Many Individual Numbers Can You Identify Inside This 7-Second Timed Optical Illusion of a Human Face?

An optical illusion is a deceptive representation of an item, scene, or person that changes its appearance depending on the viewer's angle of view. 

Physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions are just a few of the numerous varieties of visual deception.   

Psychoanalysis also includes these optical illusions because of the insight they provide on your character quirks. 

The ordinary human brain is capable of perceiving objects or images from multiple perspectives. 

An example of such ingenious visualization can be seen in an online optical illusion in which the figures are obscured by a human face. 

You may find all the hidden single numbers inside this picture of a human face in this puzzle that was provided above. 

Finding all of the hidden digits in this picture will demand lightning reflexes and painstaking focus on detail.   

The objective is to identify all of the individual numerals in the image. 

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