How Nail Art Became Beauty’s Biggest Trend

 Have you ever created something so audacious that you were contacted to discuss it by the US Department of Treasury .

 That's the tale nail artist Bernadette Thompson shares about the manicure she performed for Lil' Kim on the set in the late 1990s,,,

 which started a series of events that eventually made her the first nail artist featured in a show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  

 According to Thompson, "back then, sets preferred simple nails, like beige, sheer pink, or clear.  

 Her small, short nails were all she had! I then grabbed some cash out of my wallet, chopped it up, and gave myself a French manicure.  

 The outcome—now referred to as "money nails"—became a turning point in hip-hop and beauty history.  

 Thompson was cautioned by the Treasury that it was against the law to deface $1 bills after the image went viral before it appeared on the internet.  

 "After almost two decades, I receive a call from MoMA," she explains. "I never imagined that anything I created would hang in a museum alongside Picasso and Basquiat."  

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