In a funny video with her mother, 4-year-old Kaari Morant proves she's already the trash talk queen.

NBA star Russell Westbrook's wife scores a hoop on video, delivering a memorable "AND ONE" moment.   

Luka Doncic confronts opponent Kris Dunn in the NBA, asserting his dominance on the court.   

Trash talk moves from social media to action in a viral video featuring Ja Morant's daughter, Kaari.   

The 4-year-old basketball enthusiast confidently insults her mom before making a contested basket.   

Kaari flexes her skills and flaunts her trash-talking style, reminiscent of NBA star Ja Morant.   

The video gains widespread attention, reposted by major outlets and appreciated by fans.   

Kaari's Instagram account boasts over 200,000 followers, surpassing her mom's popularity.   

Meanwhile, Ja Morant serves a 25-game suspension, leaving the Memphis Grizzlies struggling in his absence.   

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