In his latest Mars speech, Elon Musk's vision looks real.  

Since a September 2016 lecture in Guadalajara, Mexico, Elon Musk has openly discussed his ambitious Mars colonization plan.  

Musk resumed his "making life multiplanetary" campaign at SpaceX's Starbase facility in South Texas this weekend.  

Musk addressed to staff at the Starship plant on the "high urgency" of spreading the "light of consciousness" beyond Earth.   

Not because Earth is a lost cause or shouldn't be saved. Musk would rather mankind not remain a one-planet civilization that will eventually die out.  

Spaceflight fans and Musk watchers are familiar with this. He has been increasingly controversial and polarizing in the last eight years.  

Many will dismiss Musk's Mars claims as megalomaniac based on his behavior.   

That would be wrong for spaceflight. SpaceX's progress toward Musk's multiplanetary goals lends credibility to his claims.  

If thousands of launches sound unrealistic, Musk emphasized that SpaceX has performed 327 Falcon launches, 80 percent of which used boosters. He estimated that SpaceX will launch 90% of the planet's mass into orbit this year. He said China will launch 6 percent and the rest of the world 4 percent.  

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