J Cole apologizing to Kendrick Lamar is What? Contemporary business masterclass  

The finest hip-hop artists' spats and feuds overshadow their genius as businesspeople.  

Anyone heard the news? J Cole split from Kendrick Lemar  

Then he apologized. It made news worldwide, and the BBC issued an explainer for hip-hop beef novices.  

You may have missed this because you were focused on the real issues of the day, but it was legitimate news.   

Long ago, rappers—whether conscious ones like J Cole and Kendrick or gangsta rap big hitters—graduated from being rappers to musicians.   

Top performers are creative giants, the faces of modern commercial capitalism.  

They dominate global branding, deal-making, social media, marketing, profit, loss, and diversification.   

We sit up if Mark Zuckerberg wants to cage fight Elon, but J Cole and Kendrick should too.   

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