J. Cole says he feels bad about the insult he gave to Kendrick Lamar: "The past two days felt terrible."  

J. Cole apologized for his Kendrick Lamar diss, “7 Minute Drill,” during his Dreamville Festival headline performance in North Carolina on Sunday (April 7).  

On his April 5 surprise album “Might Delete Later,” the rapper placed the song last.   

On the tune, he responded to Lamar's guest verse on Future and Metro Boomin's “Like That,” where he criticized Drake and J. Cole for calling him one of “the big three.”  

“I’m so proud of [‘Might Delete Later’], except for one part,” Cole stated.   

One portion of that crap made me think, "Man, that's the lamest shit I did in my fuckin' life, right?" I know this isn't what many want to hear.  

He said he felt forced to openly respond to Lamar after seeing the discussions it incited.   

“I was conflicted because I know my heart and how I feel about my peers, these two n—s that I was blessed to even stand beside in this game, let alone chase their greatness.  

I was conflicted since I didn't feel any way. The world wants blood. Don't know if you can sense it, but the world wants blood.”  

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