'Ja is wilding again?' Ja Morant Catches Stray From NBA Fans After Shooting Outside FedEx Forum.

Ja Morant may be recovering from surgery that terminated his season,  

NBA fans did not hesitate to call him out following the shooting incident outside FedEx Forum.  

Ja Morant was unrelated to the shooting event outside FedEx Forum, but it didn't stop fans from making fun of him and going on a meme frenzy.  

The Memphis Grizzlies superstar's name began to circulate as a result of his previous issues with displaying guns in public,  

for which he was also suspended from the NBA.  

The police released an update on the event this morning, mentioning the arrest of three suspects  

The shooting story began when three individuals allegedly approached another man and began firing near the Grizzlies' home arena.  

A chase began between individuals engaged in Downtown Memphis, and thankfully, no one was injured by gunfire.  

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