Jason Kelce says he physically cannot throw out the first pitch.

Future Hall of Fame center Jason Kelce will take part in the first-pitch ceremonial for this Saturday's game between the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies. 

Kelce will be at Citizens Bank Park alongside one of his longtime teammates, Fletcher Cox

Both retired from the NFL this offseason. Kelce will participate in Saturday's event, but he will not throw out the first pitch. 

That's because his elbow "doesn't work" right now.  

"Yes Saturday, not the home opener, and to be clear @fcoxx_91 is gonna have to throw it because my elbow doesn't work," Kelce wrote in a tweet. 

Some fans want Kelce to use his left arm to send out the first pitch. However, it does not appear that this will happen. 

Kelce has definitely earned the right to relax. We're talking about an athlete who has spent 13 years in the trenches.

Throughout his NFL career, his body endured a great lot of wear and strain.

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