Jerod Mayo's latest statements shed even more doubt on the Patriots' quarterback plans.  

The New England Patriots' head coach, Jerod Mayo, is following in Bill Belichick's footsteps. So far, things haven't been easy.   

Mayo has experienced some growing pains as a first-time head coach.  

At the beginning of free agency, he stated that the Patriots had "a lot of cap space" and were "ready to burn some cash."  

Then, New England missed out on every major free agent they wanted.  

There was a time when free agents swarmed up the walls of Gillette Stadium hoping to play with quarterback Tom  

Those days are over, and Mayo will need to establish his own reputation before free agents agree to play football in Foxborough's harsh winters.  

Mayo can take the first step toward establishing that reputation during the 2024 NFL Draft.   

New England now has the third overall pick, putting them in position to select the final remaining quarterback prospect from the quartet of USC's   

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