Jets Trade for Pro Pass Rusher Haason Reddick Boosts Aaron Rodgers’ Super Bowl Quest

The New York Jets acquired All-Pro linebacker Haason Reddick from the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for a conditional draft pick, since Reddick was about to leave Philadelphia after his contract expired. 

The Eagles will receive a 2026 draft pick, which could rise from third to second round based on Reddick's performance metrics.

The Eagles may have secured a younger pass rusher in Bryce Huff, making the trade advantageous in terms of age and talent exchange.

The Jets are preparing their roster for a competitive push, as seen by recent signings and a concentration on short-term success with Aaron Rodgers as quarterback.

Reddick's impact on the Jets' pass-rushing unit, as well as the team's strategic actions after the 2024 season, will be critical in determining the trade's long-term success.

The Jets land a top-tier player in Reddick to bolster their defense, while the Eagles plan to capitalize on a potentially high draft pick, laying the foundation for an exciting future for both organizations.

Following the departure of Haason Reddick, the Eagles' defensive lineup has shifted, leaving four guys with substantial growth potential.

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