Jimmy Kimmel gives right-wingers a blinding reminder about 'Big Moron' Trump.

Jimmy Kimmel slammed the Arizona Supreme Court on Tuesday for granting the state one of the country's most stringent   

"Isn't that great?" "We're now playing by the 1864 rules," he remarked.  

The judgment, which might result in a criminal charge for the procedure, was made possible by Donald Trump's appointment of the Supreme Court judges  

Roe v. Wade, but Kimmel added that many on the right continue to defend the previous president.   

"These weaklings who worship Trump, everything he does is great ― even looking directly at an eclipse is great," he remarked.  

presenter played footage from Newsmax's coverage of Monday's eclipse, during which the host praised Trump for staring straight at one in 2017.   

Kimmel pointed out a rather weird chyron on the right-wing network as the host spoke: DONALD TRUMP HANDLED THE ECLIPSE WITH STYLE.   

"He handled the eclipse with style?" Kimmel said. "That big moron is lucky he isn't blind right now."   

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