Joe Burrow updates his injury comeback, why he's put on more muscle

Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, arrived at team facilities this week looking substantially heavier.  

Burrow says it's all part of the strategy as he continues to improve his general frame and, of course, injury rehabilitation.  

"Trying to grow a little bigger and stronger. "That has been a focus this offseason," Burrow told Geoff Hobson of  

We'll see where this goes. That will be determined as we approach training camp. "See how I feel."  

According to the report, Burrow appeared to be heavier than his typical listed playing weight of 215 pounds.  

The results are consistent with the quarterback's previous statement that he would adopt offseason exercise improvements.  

Burrow thinks everything is going well: "I do rehab every day. That is always part of it. It has not had a significant impact on my offseason training  

I've been able to do almost everything I'm used to doing in terms of lifting and conditioning. I'm in excellent physical condition."  

Burrow's injury recovery is doing nicely, as seen by his participation in a recent workout video.  

The Bengals' offseason practices begin Monday, and we're exactly on track with Burrow's promise to resume full throwing.  

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