JoJo Siwa Is Making Excessive Efforts to Surprise Us  

Siwa ditched hair bows and high ponytails for an over-the-top coming-of-age moment like many former child stars.  

JoJo Siwa spent weeks announcing she was done with bows and sparkling pastels before dropping “Karma” on Friday.   

In March, she released a parental caution on Instagram, hinting for a more graphic era.  

In the weeks after the content warning, photos of the openly homosexual star embracing two girls at once, wearing Kiss-inspired face paint, and teasing lyrics...

....about being a “bad girl” showed that the 20-year-old wanted a shock-value relaunch.   

The release of “Karma” marked a departure from her normal anti-hate empowerment content.   

Instead, Siwa sings about how adultery brings ill karma, referencing a recent romantic disaster.  

This has happened several times: Over the past few decades, a child star's dramatic public image change has become a rite of passage.  

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