Kanye's Eazy? A Beautiful West Coast Rapper Tribute

In the music industry, Kanye West has always been regarded as a symbol of unmatched inventiveness and originality.   

The rapper has continuously pushed the boundaries of artistic expression and revolutionized modern music.   

Fans have frequently found his music thought-provoking,   

from the groundbreaking production of "The College Dropout" to the genre-defying vistas of "Yeezus."   

However, only a select few would be aware of the lovely tale of the homage he offered to a West Coast rapper via his song.   

Kanye West and The Game, his longtime collaborator, collaborated on a new song called "Eazy" in January 2022.   

The late West Coast rapper Eazy-E is honored in the song's name. It seemed to be done in remembrance of him by heavily sampling "Eazy Duz It,"   

his 1988 breakthrough track. American R&B artist Michel'le contributed vocals to the song's chorus and outro.  

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