Kenny Chesney Meets His ‘Best Friend’ for Snow Day Poncho

Renowned for his affinity for island living, Kenny Chesney has temporarily relocated to Nashville's icy landscapes from the beach Virgin Islands, accompanied by his "best friend," Poncho.  

The country music icon posted a number of pictures to social media on Monday, giving fans a unique glimpse into his life at home with his Goldendoodle, Poncho. 

In the photos, Poncho is seen wearing a Suitical dog sweater and taking in the newly fallen snow.  

Additionally, there is a cute selfie of Chesney snuggling with his four-legged buddy indoors during a snowstorm.  

The resident of East Tennessee utilized his Blue Chair Bay Rum to gauge the quantity of snow in his lawn and perhaps to chill the coconut rum bottle.  

"Who needs refrigerators?” inquired one of the fans. The photo was captioned "Snow day with my best friend" by Chesney.  

2013 saw the country music icon adopt Poncho. Chesney's first dog when he was a young boy is a Goldendoodle. 

He periodically appears on Chesney's social media accounts, and he even made a cameo as a guest in the music video for the 2012 smash song "Come Over" by Chesney.  

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