Kevin Costner Is Reportedly Looking to Return to 'Yellowstone' For Final Season

A new Yellowstone twist. A fresh report claims that Kevin Costner is trying to return to Taylor Sheridan's western series to finish John Dutton's story after leaving for the last season.

 The series' cancellation after a conflict between Costner and Sheridan over availability and salary shocked viewers as the most popular show on TV.

Puck reports that the last episodes of the original Yellowstone series have been developed and will be produced soon.

Costner wants to return to the series, at least in a cameo, but there are no current talks.

 Even if Costner reduced his remuneration and time demands, Sheridan, the show's creator, may be reluctant to rewrite his scripts to accommodate a John Dutton departure.

Costner seems eager to utilize this to his advantage, as he has in the past, knowing the show's following would like it.

Since May 2023, rumors of Costner's exit from the massively successful series increased by November, suggesting he might not return for the final episodes. 

After Season 5 Part 1's cliffhanger, which previewed John Dutton's political unraveling as Montana's Governor, the death of such a key character shook the story. Without Costner, the tale may be tied up without the family patriarch, which would be disappointing.

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