Kevin Costner Previews Western Epic Horizon: An American Saga at CinemaCon.

A closer look at Kevin Costner's next two-part film, Horizon: An American Saga, will be revealed.    

The 69-year-old star, co-writer, and director of the westerns, which are set in the American Civil War,   

made an appearance on April 9 at CinemaCon 2024 in Las Vegas for distributor Warner Bros.'   

presentation of upcoming films. On June 28, Chapter 1 will hit theaters, and on August 16, the sequel Chapter 2 will follow shortly after.   

"I consider the potential of the United States," Costner remarked on stage. "If you could go, if you were mean enough, if you were resourceful enough,   

if you were lucky enough, and if you were tough enough, you could take anything you wanted in America," the offer went.   

"That promise meant that we stepped on a whole group of people that had been here for thousands of years," he continued, referring to Native Americans.   

He claimed that the fight is also a part of Horizon. "At the sacrifice of many things, you could establish a home if you could get west and survive. That seems like drama to me.   

In addition, Costner disclosed that Horizon features his fifteen-year-old son Hayes, whom he shares with his former spouse Christine Baumgartner.   

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