Kevin Costner Talks Son Hayes' 'Horizon' Debut and 'Yellowstone' Final Season  

Watching his son Hayes grow up encouraged Kevin Costner to start his passion project, Horizon: An American Saga.   

At Warner Bros. Pictures' CinemaCon 2024 presentation in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Tuesday, the 69-year-old actor-director exclusively told ET's Cassie DiLaura that he named his now-15-year-old son after the protagonist of his decades-long Western epic.  

In the late 1980s film Costner began working on, Hayes would make his acting debut.    

"I named him after my character. "Hayes Ellison is my character," Costner told ET. "Hayes was my character. As I saw him grow up, I thought, "Man, I better get with it and make this movie."  

Horizon was over 30 years in the making. The development took so long because Costner was so sought after in Hollywood.   

However, he never gave up on bringing Horizon to the big screen, and his drive gave him optimism.   

Costner and co-writer Jon Baird spent six years writing the scripts to his four-film story, which was previously under Disney before moving to Warner Bros.   

Costner's tenacity continued as the months moved into years and years into decades.  

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