Kylie Kelce Says It's 'Not My Cup of Tea' to Be in the Spotlight as Kelce Family Fame Soars

Kylie Kelce continues to be adjusting to the ever-developing interest on her circle of relatives’s life.  

Kylie, who married Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce in 2018, has become a topic of an awful lot hobby on the internet and amongst sports fanatics inside the remaining yr.  

From bringing OBs to the extremely good Bowl even as she was heavily pregnant in February to her brother-in-law Travis Kelce’s new dating with Taylor rapid, all eyes are on Kylie, 31 and the Kelce team  

“It’s not in particular my cup of tea to be within the spotlight or in front of a camera,” she informed neighborhood Kansas metropolis outlet Spectrum sports activities KC on Sunday after leading a kids area hockey medical institution.  

She shared that she “became a verbal exchange essential in university,” so her consolation lies greater on the other facet of the digicam.  

Kylie Kelce Says She's now not Sitting in Travis' Suite in the course of Chiefs-Eagles game: ‘I’m a Stands female’ “i like to be in the back of it, that’s my bread and butter,” she said,

before adding that the reputation can be useful in some instances, along with bringing interest to the women area hockey health facility she ran on Sunday  

On Monday, Sam Heughan was feeling the love on Instagram as he puckered up for some sweet PDA with his new leading lady.   

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