Large Scientific Review Confirms Touch Benefit

Skin-to-skin contact was especially beneficial for premature babies, and women often responded more strongly than males.  

A therapeutic massage, a hug, or a handshake. A baby curled up on a mother's exposed chest.  

According to a comprehensive new study of published studies published on Monday in the journal Nature Human Behaviour, physical touch can improve wellbeing and reduce pain, despair, and anxiety.  

Years of studies on touch, strokes, embraces, and rubs were methodically analyzed by researchers from the Netherlands and Germany.  

Additionally, they merged information from 137 studies, encompassing about 13,000 adults, kids, and newborns.

In every study, people who had touched an object, such as a fuzzy plush animal, or had been physically touched during an experiment were compared to people who were similar but had not.  

For instance, a research found that giving older persons with dementia mild, 20-minute massages every day for six weeks reduced their levels of aggression and a blood marker associated with stress. 

Another study discovered that breast cancer patients' moods were improved by massages. 

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