"Lost $4 billion": Maria Bartiromo confronts Devin Nunes on Truth Social's sell-off

Maria Bartiromo, a Fox News host, highlighted income losses for Donald Trump's Truth Social platform.

During a Sunday conversation with Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes, Bartiromo discussed the company's finances.

"President Trump's media company has had a volatile two weeks," she went on to say. "The stock closed down approximately 30% this week.

The business, which handles Trump's Truth Social platform, dropped $4 billion in market value after gaining $6 billion in its Nasdaq debut two weeks ago.

."For 2023, Trump media posted a loss of $58 million on revenue and $4.1 million [profit] in a regulatory filing," she went on to say. 

"The company also disclosed that its auditor had raised concerns about its ability to continue operating before its recent merger and IPO."

"I was looking at the filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission and the loss," he stated.

 "When would you expect this company to turn profitable?"Nunes blamed the losses on excessive regulation.

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