Love Can Be Very Lucky For 3 Zodiac Signs On Sunday, April 7

This Sunday, three zodiac signs are very lucky in love. If we were to attribute a transit to the concept of intense love, it would simply be an Aries Moon conjunct Venus.

This means that on April 7, the tremendous love in question will make its appearance.

We may love someone but have not had the courage to express it. On this day, we shall experience the strength and courage required to do so.

If we have any questions regarding the love we feel for another person, those doubts will be removed. We may even surprise ourselves with what we can do, say, and how we behave in the presence of the person we are madly in love with.

Three zodiac signs will discover the power of love via our decision to just go for it. Whatever is going on in space is having a significant impact on us. It is letting us know that if we want love, we must actively seek and manifest it.

What you may feel is a rush of force, which you could only refer to as 'love.' You feel it in everything you do. You want to share the money, because you feel immensely abundant and love pervades all you do.


You will direct all of your devoted attention on your amorous partner. During the Aries Moon's conjunct Venus, you may feel a surge of power that makes you recognize how fortunate you are. This may elicit strong feelings of gratitude and emotion within you.


You take satisfaction in adhering to your set of rules. While this is excellent, you may find yourself breaking your own rules on Sunday, as the Aries Moon conjunct Venus appears to be the catalyst that breaks through your shell. 


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