Love & Relationships Horoscope For April 1, 2024

Nothing is more important in a relationship than your ability to be honestly yourself. So it stands to reason that when Mercury retrograde begins in your house of self, you will reflect on what it means to be yourself.


Taurus, you may see an increase in your intuition. Pay heed to your inner ideas, voice, and insights now that Mercury has begun its retrograde in your spirituality sector. 


We all need good friends, and you may have overlooked a few important ones. During this year's first Mercury retrograde in your friendship sector, it's time to reconnect with the individuals who make you happy.


Now that Mercury is retrograde in your career area, you may be able to acquire a new job at a corporation, allowing you to pull your life back together. 


Are you going to go back to school? If so, this Mercury retrograde could be ideal for you this time of year. In the coming weeks, you can look into colleges and universities that meet your requirements.


The gossip mill is still going strong, and during Mercury retrograde, you may discover who has circulated tales about your love life. 


An ex may be returning to your life to try to start over. This Mercury retrograde, which begins in your partnership sector, may come as a pleasant surprise. 


Health is critical to relationships. If you've been ignoring your body, mind, and soul this year, Mercury retrograde will help you refocus your attention.


Sagittarius, what does love mean to you? Mercury is retrograde in your romantic love and creative area, so think about the tiny things you like in a relationship. 


Life can be hectic, and keeping in touch with distant family members becomes more difficult. During this Mercury retrograde, you could go on a road trip to visit family.


Writing is beneficial for the spirit, and if you enjoy expressing yourself on paper, now is the time to journal, write poems, or revisit works you've already shared with others.


It's a good idea to review your budget, especially if you share one with your partner. This Mercury retrograde draws attention to your finances and property.


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