Major Rule Change for Taylor Swift Eras Tour Ticket Holders Announced by Ticketmaster  

In a message sent to ticket holders, they stated: "The 'lead booker' policy has been removed, meaning that the person whose name is on the Ticketmaster   

account used to purchase tickets is no longer required to attend the event.  

"The remaining terms and conditions are unaltered. Enjoy the show, we hope!"  

This clever and bizarre conceit gives the film a spooky sense of mystery.  

Ticketmaster has modified its ticket policies if you intend to shake things off at Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour later this summer. What you should know is as follows.  

The Eras Tour is coming to the UK after months of watching it unfold on TikTok (and, y'know, via her stadium concert tour that we can't stop watching)  

Ticketmaster has announced a revision to the manner the event is being organized.  

In the past, their terms and conditions required the cardholder who purchased the tickets to be present at the event as the "lead booker.  

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