Musk Owns Up to Not Checking His Facts and Has Two Fake Twitter Accounts

The CEO's lawyer attempted to cover up the embarrassing deposition in which the CEO struggled to defend the defamation-inspiring tweets. 

A 22-year-old Jewish man is suing Elon Musk for defamation over tweets in which he baselessly suggested the recent college graduate was an undercover federal agent posing as a neo-Nazi during a street fight by far-right groups.   

HuffPost received Musk's grueling March 27 deposition, which a judge ordered published to the public against the CEO's lawyer's objections. 

It shows how he has wrecked himself and his social media platform. 

Musk called X “the most accurate, timely, and truthful place on the internet” when questioned about a false statement he made on the site that has been read by over a million users and has not been withdrawn or deleted almost a year later. 

After owning Twitter, Musk has promoted many phony conspiracy theories, like the one Ben Brody of California filed in October.   

At an LGBTQ pride rally in Oregon last June, the fascist Proud Boys gang and the Rose City Nationalists, a Pacific Northwest neo-Nazi group, face off. 

Internet sleuths matched names to faces, but far-right accounts trying to frame the violence as a “false flag” event misidentified Brody as a participant by circulating a photo from Alpha Epsilon Pi, his college Jewish fraternity.   

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