NBA Legend Sends Strong Message to James Harden

Since the All-Star break, James Harden has struggled on the court. His stats have dipped, as has his shooting, and his role in the Clippers offense has decreased. So much so that Shaquille wanted to issue him a severe warning.

"I don't want to hear a guard say, 'How can you get me going?' "You have the damn ball," Shaq shouted. "Centers can pose the question... That is not something I want to hear as a guard. James Harden understands what he needs to do to get himself moving.

This is not high school or AAU, where you have to call plays. He carries the ball most of the time. So if he wants to take a shot, he can.

Shaq followed up on his statement by offering advise to Harden. Harden's main goal is to get himself rolling, which he achieved against the Denver Nuggets on Thursday night. 

Even though James Harden shot 26% from the field, he still took 23 shots, as he needed to do without Kawhi Leonard.

"James Harden needs to get himself going. If James Harden wants to win a championship, he needs to be a key member of that offense.

He needs to be consistent. No disrespect to him or PG, but they sometimes disappear in the playoffs.

For the first time since the 2019-2020 NBA season, the LA Clippers defeated the Denver Nuggets twice in a single season. Hopefully, that foreshadows good fortune in the playoffs.

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