NBA Record Broken in Orlando Magic-Memphis Grizzlies Game

The Memphis Grizzlies have been hit hardest by injuries this season, relying on numerous new players due to key player absences, setting an NBA record with 31 players used. 

Newly signed guard Zavier Simpson's entry into a recent game marked the Grizzlies' record-breaking 31st player used this season. 

Despite finding potential in new players, Memphis's record-setting player count underscores a season derailed by injuries, leaving them far from playoff contention. 

Memphis optimistically looks towards next season for a playoff rebound after a disappointing year filled with injuries and setbacks. 

The absence of key players like Ja Morant, who missed 25 games due to suspension and subsequently suffered a season-ending shoulder injury after only nine games back, contributed to Memphis's struggles. 

The Grizzlies have turned injuries into opportunities to evaluate different players but have fallen short of postseason aspirations this year. 

With Ja Morant's suspension and subsequent injury, along with a slew of other setbacks, Memphis faces an uphill battle to salvage this season's hopes. 

Despite the challenges faced this season, Memphis remains hopeful for a playoff return next year, seeing potential for improvement and growth beyond the setbacks endured. 

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