Nelly interrupts Tim McGraw's St. Louis concert with a surprise performance of "Over and Over"

Since breaking into the music industry in the 1990s, Tim McGraw has released 16 studio albums, won multiple awards, married legendary vocalist Faith Hill, and starred in a number of films.   

While accomplishing all of this, he sold over 80 million albums worldwide and ruled the charts. While a country music legend, the singer recently played in St. Louis as part of his Standing Room Only tour.  

Although fans came to watch McGraw, the singer opted to take them back to 2004 when he welcomed Nelly to the stage.   

McGraw fans are well aware of his collaboration with Nelly on the 2004 hit song "Over and Over." The song, which originally appeared on Nelly's Suit album, received tremendous accolades from fans and peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at the time.   

Wrapping Nelly in a massive hug, the two went on to perform the legendary song, and the audience loved it. McGraw posted photographs on Instagram with the message, "Gonna replay this moment over and over again…." Thank you for the great surprise in STL last night, @nelly!!"   

McGraw's message, which included some colorful wordplay, earned nearly 40,000 likes from fans who were excited about the couple performing together.  

Comments included: "What a wonderful surprise! The St Louis concert was fantastic! "Thank you!" Another comment said, "You guys have no idea the college memories you were a part of for me."   

And one guy wrote, "Another incredible performance!" And Nelly's guest appearance was incredible. My only other favorite person to see you perform with is Faith!"  

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