Netflix users appalled by Prince Andrew film Scoop's ‘unnecessary’ scene  

Netflix users were enraged by a “unnecessary” moment in Prince Andrew flick Scoop.  

The new film recounts the 2019 Newsnight interview in which the king tried to disassociate himself from convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.  

The film has many talking points, including a scene showing Prince Andrew's tower of teddy bears on his bed at Buckingham Palace.   

However, viewers, including Newsnight host Emily Maitlis, agree that one part could have been cut.  

The sequence follows Maitlis (Gillian Anderson)'s Newsnight interview, which will appear on BBC Two.  

Instead of watching the interview, Prince Andrew takes a bath.   

While trying to relax, his phone beeps in the other room, letting him hear the interview reaction live.   

His bare buttocks is shown behind after getting out of the bath.Many viewers asked, “Did we really need to see Prince Andrew’s bare a***?” J  

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