New anime RPG to rival Genshin Impact launches globally.  

While Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse prepares to release Zenless Zone Zero, the third part of its RPG trifecta,   

numerous competitors are preparing to compete. Solo Leveling: Arise, the inevitable version of the hit Korean online novel about leveling up and fighting tough enemies in fast-paced action combat,  

joins Wuthering Waves and Granblue Fantasy Relink. More than 12 million pre-registrations have been received by Netmarble, which announces a global launch date.  

Solo Leveling: Arise, an anime RPG with gacha elements, allows you gamble for stronger weapons, equipment, and characters using in-game currency or real money.  

In Arise, unlike most gacha games, series protagonist Sung Jinwoo is the main character, so you'll spend most of your time playing as him and upgrading him with stat boosts, new skills, and the weapons you collect, which give him new combat abilities.  

You can use your fellow hunters as assist characters in battle, but as more modes unlock, you can control them directly in dungeons and trials to earn stronger gear and use their unique skills and abilities.  

Jinwoo can release his Army of Shadows as he improves, like in the manhwa and anime.   

The series has always felt pre-built for a videogame adaptation, and now that we have the global Solo Leveling Arise release date, we can look forward to playing it.  

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