New EPA standards require over 200 chemical factories to limit cancer-causing pollutants.  

KPLC is in SWLA. The petrochemical industry is a major economic driver in Southwest Louisiana, but safety concerns are widespread.  

Chemical facilities must cut harmful emissions under new EPA guidelines.  

The EPA requires over 200 chemical plants to limit cancer-causing pollutants. Nine of those facilities are local.  

Lake Area Industry Alliance Executive Director Jim Rock said: “LAIA members are reviewing the EPA rule on certain organic compound emissions, and today's ruling was expected and anticipated.   

Studying them to grasp compliance standards, including air-monitoring practices.”  

When questioned if these new laws were fair or justifiable, he stated, “The EPA must use an integrated risk information system, which is flawless in determining a revised or new ruling.  

We are unaware of any assessment of their process to verify its validity and accuracy in anticipating community risks.”  

A new rule limits factory emissions of dangerous chemicals.  

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