Oatzempic: Oat smoothies are related with weight loss.

According to recent research, drinking oat smoothies on a regular basis is just as effective as taking Ozempic to help people lose weight.

The weight reduction hack has gone viral online due to its hunger-killing effect,

which is comparable to Ozempic's use of a naturally occurring hormone to make individuals feel fuller for extended periods of time.

The craze, also known as Oat-Zempic, involves ingesting a blended oat smoothie twice every day.

Millions of people have watched TikTok videos about the fad, with some users claiming to have shed up to ten pounds in a matter of weeks.

According to nutritional experts, different meals can decrease an individual's appetite level in the same way that Ozempic does by releasing the satiety hormone GLP-1.

Ozempic and Wegovy both contain the active component semaglutide.

Preventative Cardiology According to dietitian Michelle Routhenstein, "These include foods high in protein and fibre."

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