Olivia Dunne’s TikTok dance celebrating LSU’s historic win goes well with fan scores.

It was evident that Olivia Dunne and the LSU gymnastics team were in a festive mood following their record-setting performance against the Arkansas Razorbacks, and Livvy made it clear by posting a loud dance on TikTok for her almost 8 million followers to view.

Olivia Dunne, a skilled gymnast from LSU, not only astonished the audience with her flawless performance against the Arkansas Razorbacks on Friday, 

but she also went out of her way to reward her supporters with a TikTok dance that went viral and matched the team’s happy atmosphere.

After achieving a victory that broke all previous records with a score of 198.475–196.200, Dunne and her teammate Annie Beard displayed their dancing talents in the locker room, which caused a buzz on social media.

Olivia Dunne, who is well-known in the baseball world for being the girlfriend of Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Paul Skenes, and Beard, 

who were both dressed in LSU leotards by the time the video was uploaded to TikTok, displayed their joyous celebration by performing a dance routine that was perfectly synced with one another.  

As spectators came to see the gymnasts celebrate their victory after the game, the video swiftly rose to the top of the charts with about one million views and one hundred thousand likes.  

The video was captioned by Olivia Dunne with the phrase “record-setting tiger club,” which perfectly encapsulated the significant nature of their victory. LSU’s team score established a new one for the program.

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