Olivia Rodrigo enlists a '90s Alt-Rock band to perform at her NYC shows.  

Olivia Rodrigo's rise to success in the music industry has been amazing.  

She rose from humble beginnings to the zenith of her profession, headlining her first arena tour.   

The 21-year-old pop-rock phenomenon has captivated fans worldwide.  

Despite her fame and success, Rodrigo considers one event in her life to be defining: hearing The Breeders' "Cannonball."  

In a flashback to before Rodrigo became a household name, she explains how the renowned '90s alt-rock band left an indelible impression on her artistic path.  

"I think of my life before hearing 'Cannonball' and after," Rodrigo once stated, echoing countless admirers who were equally moved by the band's powerful sound.  

Fast forward to 2024, and Rodrigo is performing on stage with her musical idols in New York City's renowned Madison Square Garden.  

"We're just from Dayton, Ohio!" she says, reflecting on the band's origins.  

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