On Saturday, Hartford will host the UConn men's basketball team's victory parade. 

 It has been announced by the office of the governor that the triumph parade and rally for the UConn men's basketball team  

 which will be the national champion in 2024, will take place on Saturday in the downtown area of Hartford.  

 As a result of their victory over the Purdue Boilermakers in Glendale, Arizona, the men's   

 basketball team from the University of Connecticut earned its sixth national championship.  

 The departure point for the parade will be the State Capitol building, which is located   

at the intersection of Trinity Street and Elm Street. The march will begin at eleven in the morning.   

 As it travels north on Trinity Street, it will pass by the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch, then it will turn right (east) into Jewell Street  

 then it will turn left (north) onto Trumbull Street, and it will come to an end at the intersection of Asylum Street and Trumbull Street.  

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