Persistence Discovers Dream Rock

The Holy Grail on Mars is likely a specific rock: Important rock that proves Mars was habitable anciently. 

Perseverance may have discovered it. 

The ultimate rock for Perseverance would show old water and preserve ancient organic material, according to scientists.  

It may have been found by the rover exploring the Margin Unit, a geologic area on Jezero Crater's inner rim. 

The Margin Unit helped Perseverance choose Jezero Crater for its mission. 

A tiny strip on the crater's western rim houses the Margin Unit. It's one of the planet's most carbonate-rich locations, according to orbital measurements.  

The presence of Jezero crater and the nearby river delta make it a desirable landing site for the Mars 2020 <Perseverance> mission,

according to 2024 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference presenters. 

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