Piglet Is Hidden Inside the Circus Picture—And Only 2% Can Spot It in 15 Seconds!  

An optical illusion is a deceptive representation of an object, person, or scene that tricks the brain into thinking it's seeing something different.   

There are many different kinds of optical illusions, and you've probably seen them all.   

According to research, optical illusions are a subfield of psychoanalysis that elucidates the nature of perception.   

The average human brain is capable of perceiving objects or images from multiple perspectives.  

As an example of such a brilliant representation, consider the picture of a piglet who seems to be hiding someplace in the circus.  

Everyone from kids to adults can enjoy this picture puzzle that has been shared.   

We can make out a circus and a skulking piglet within this optical illusion.   

Viewers are invited to discover the squirmy piglet concealed under the illusion.  

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