Popular Denver Broncos Cheerleader Is Leaving The Team

This offseason, the Denver Broncos will have an open spot on their cheerleading team. 

This week, Berkleigh Wright declared that she is no longer a Broncos cheerleader. She lived in the Mile High City for nearly five years. 

"The end of an era," said Wright on Instagram. "How lucky am I to have something so special in my life that makes saying goodbye so hard?"

Wright's remark was also shared on the Broncos cheerleaders' official Instagram account.

"I have so many people to thank for helping shape me into the woman I am today," she stated. "To my parents, family, and best friends: Thank you for being my #1 supporters on and off the pitch, and for encouraging me to pursue my dreams. 

 Thank you to my coaches for believing in me seven years ago and still believing in me today. To my teammates who have become family, thank you for making this place seem like home. 

Dancing beside you has been nothing short of a dream, and it has been a privilege to lead you this past year. Finally, to Broncos Nation, thank you for your unwavering support over my five seasons." 

Wright has gained significant popularity in the last two years. She was one of seven co-winners in the 2023 Sports Illustrated Swim Search. 

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