Rachel McAdams isn't afraid of the dark.  

The actress makes her Broadway debut in "Mary Jane" as the single mother of a very ill child.   

She sees her acting choices as widening her horizons.From the outside, you would never guess that Rachel McAdams  

Marvel series, and the Oscar-winning "Spotlight," has been thinking about mortality.

Perhaps it has something to do with the therapist who said that her indecisiveness and intense curiosity

McAdams had long thought of her acting choices as broadening her horizons. "It's been a way to live a lot of lives in one," she told me.  

If that was about a dread of dying, it didn't bother her. 

Instead, she welcomed it. "We don't have a lot of great coping mechanisms for death in our culture," she told me.   

"So, yeah, I appreciate the opportunity to lean into that sooner rather than later. Let us get comfortable with it. Let's get comfy with our next journey."  

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