Randy Travis, a country music star, will visit Bend for a stroke awareness discussion.

Randy Travis, a country music superstar known for his chart-topping successes and profound influence on the genre, will visit Bend on May 13 to promote stroke awareness, rehabilitation, and resilience.

Despite enduring serious health issues following a near-fatal stroke, Travis, along with his wife, Mary Travis, continues to educate the public about stroke prevention, rehabilitation, and living a meaningful life after stroke.

Travis, who had a stroke at the age of 54, underwent extensive brain surgery and now lives in a wheelchair with limited speech and singing ability.

However, his tenacity and dedication to raising awareness about strokes have not wavered. The program, 

organized by Stroke Awareness Oregon and presented by Hayden Homes, aims to educate attendees on how to recognize stroke symptoms and how to help survivors after they leave the hospital.

"Randy had an avalanche of health issues in 2013," Mary Travis said in a phone interview from their home in Tioga, Texas. "He first had pneumonia, and his lungs were filled with fluids.

This led to heart problems, and he eventually died. He had viral cardiomyopathy. He was in a coma after being resurrected, but physicians didn't realize he had a stroke for three days. 

You will not be able to use stroke reversal medication during this period. We did not see the signs of a stroke until after he awoke from his coma."

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