Randy Travis Paid Lainey Wilson the Ultimate Compliment after Her Emotional Instagram Post

Lainey Wilson is proving "Country's Cool Again" on her tour Down Under, and the experience is having a significant impact on the Grammy-winning singer. 

She took to social media to post photographs from her recent concerts in Australia, as well as a heartfelt statement about her journey.

Her message sparked an outpouring of support from her fans, including some extremely well-known celebrities.

Lainey took to Instagram to share photographs of herself performing onstage while dressed in her typical Wrangler bellbottoms, a leather vest, a black cowboy hat, and tons of turquoise jewelry. 

The Louisiana native captioned the photos with the following: "Australia, thank you for taking me down under with you.

When I chose to write songs as a young child, I never imagined that someone on the other side of the world would be able to relate to my tale.

 I thought I was just a Baskin-Robbins redneck, but I was so mistaken! We are a lot more alike than you realize. We all just want to feel something.

Lainey's fans offered supportive words, such as "There is nobody like you." "So proud of you girl for following your gut" and "Phenomenal show, Lainey."

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