Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly 50 million 3 More Worth Over 250000 USD

Discovering rare coins in the world of numismatics can evoke a sense of excitement similar to a treasure hunt.

Among the huge assortment of circulating coins in the United States, some issues stand out for their historical significance, unique design, or scarcity.

The bicentennial quarter, issued in 1976 to honor America's 200th anniversary, is very popular among collectors.

However, within this series are exceptional examples with prices that defy imagination.Here, we look some rare bicentennial quarters, including one that sold for about $50 million USD and three others worth more than $250,000 apiece.

At the top of this list is the 1976 bicentennial quarter, which fetched nearly $50 million USD.

This coin was not just ordinary; it had a minor but substantial flaw—a double die obverse.

This quarter, minted in Philadelphia, featured a doubling effect on the obverse side, particularly on the date and the word "Liberty," making it a numismatic marvel.

Its unmatched rarity and historical significance provoked a fierce bidding war among collectors, resulting in a staggering ultimate price.

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