Ready For The Full Moon In Libra? Here's What Your Sign Needs To Know

Aries, how are your relationships doing? With this full moon in your seventh house of partnerships, Imani Quinn, astrological specialist and author of astrological SOS, says your closest connections are in the limelight.


Taurus, now is the moment to focus on your self-care as the moon illuminates your sixth house of rituals, health, and service. 


Gemini, are you feeling passionate? With the full moon in your fifth house of creativity and expression, Quinn observes that this lunar eclipse is in a powerful alignment with your destiny. 


According to Quinn, this full moon illuminates your fourth house of home and family, and as a homebody, your home is meant to be your sanctuary, a place of rest and healing. It is also where you raise your loved ones.


Leo, you don't shy away from the spotlight, and your third house of communication is taking center stage beneath these moon beams.


Virgo, how have you been spending lately? According to Quinn, this full moon lunar eclipse falls in your second house of possessions and material security, making you to reconsider your budget. But don't worry—this energy is driving you in the correct way.


This is your full moon, Libra, and it is located in your first house of self and identity. So don't be surprised if you feel like you're beginning anew!


This full moon could be particularly powerful for you, Scorpio, as it sheds a light on your 12th house of endings and the subconscious. 


This full moon lunar eclipse illuminates your 11th house of bigger community and networks, Sagittarius, signaling a new opportunity to interact with your larger community. 


This full moon in Capricorn highlights your professional path and global influence, landing in your 10th house of public image and career. According to Quinn, you may feel compelled to shift your work path or even reconsider your identity and purpose.


 Consider this full moon your permission to dream big, as it falls in your ninth house of expansion, travel, and further education. 


If you're feeling like you're transforming from within, Pisces, you may thank the full moon. Quinn claims it is illuminating your enigmatic eighth house of death and rebirth, sex, and power. 


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