Relationships Improve For 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs On March 29

When we love someone, we have two choices. We can either act on that love or wait for some sort of'sign' that the timing is perfect — and that now is the moment to act on that impulse. 

During Friday's transit of a Sagittarius Moon trine Neptune, three zodiac signs will discover that it could be 'the day' we bring our great love into reality.

March 29 gives optimism to both new and elderly couples, as well as motivation to those of us who have been waiting for the 'perfect' time to act.

During the Sagittarius Moon trine Neptune, we finally trust ourselves enough to realize that whatever we've been thinking about regarding our new love, it's time to put those thoughts into action. 

We can't simply wish our life away. We need to make something tangible out of the emotions we've been suppressing, and Friday, March 29, 2023 is the perfect day to get started.

Taurus, your instinct is telling you that you are truly in love with the person you are in a relationship with, and that this is no joke, fling, or casual romance. Nope.


Clear thinking lifts you out of any funk you've been in lately, and honestly, this is just what you've needed. You will gain some understanding when the Sagittarius Moon trine Neptune.


You have a day to notice what's going on and make the proper move. During Sagittarius Moon trine Neptune, you are in command, but you must also initiate this love connection. Someone appeals to you.


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